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Welcome to BroStyler

I think we can all agree that when it comes to personal style, we as men know little to nothing about it. After all, we are men, and we weren’t raised to care about our looks but to be tough as nails and providers. But times have changed, and the brawny act with the musty 2-day old shirts is quite frankly dated and will do very little to help you get that job or that girl.

So what’s a guy to do? You’ve got to look sharper than the rest of the pack, make yourself stand out from the rest of the crowd starting with the right grooming routine, fashion ensemble and accessories to match. You’ll not only look good but feel great and become more confident.

It may seem there’s a lot to know about getting that perfect look and believe me there is, you only need to master a handful of rules, principles, and adages to look and feel great every day. And that’s where we come in; we condensed the essential pieces of information on our blog to help any man look awesome.

Our fashion advice, tips, and tricks may not get you on the cover of mainstream magazines like GQ, but it will go a long way in giving you some street-cred and have you turning heads wherever you go.

About us

And the best part is that improving your style can be done a budget, so you don’t need to break the bank to look good. All you need to do is master colors, accessorize, learn how to dress for the occasion, and you’ll be a Casanova before you know it.

Hi there, my name is Jack, and I created this blog to share everything I’ve learned about men’s fashion, style, dating, and provide some solid advice.  Like you, I struggled with everything fashion or style-related. I couldn’t color coordinate even if it meant saving my life and I felt fashionably hopeless.

It impacted my social and dating life since I was insecure about how I looked, and it made me less confident about myself. But after diving in headfirst into the world of fashion, learning everything about it from magazines and blogs, I quickly found my style, and I’m here to show you how to do the same.

We cover everything from personal grooming, including beard care to men’s fashion to dating and so much more. If you’re looking to improve your style and become more attractive, you’ve come to the right blog.

Beard Care

The beard is man’s mane and like the lion we want to show it off in its full glory not overshadow it with a grubby stubble into a fine full beard. They key to transform your proud facial hair is all in the grooming.

We’ve dedicated this section to showing you how to care for your mane starting with a beard wash and some of our favorite aftershaves. And if you don’t know whether you need beard balm or beard oil, then we’ve got you covered; click on the link below. 

Men’s Fashion & Style

Traditionally, business and casual were two words you wouldn’t put in sentence let alone wear but times have changed and dressing down is the latest trend.

Millennials are hell bent on throwing out traditional business attire with the modern business casual fashion and you’re better off riding the wave than fighting it. And the best way to complement your business casual is with the right leather shoes and we’ve got a guide prepared just for you. Click the link below to learn more about it.


Human being have been accessorizing since the start of civilization and we’ve dedicated this section to two of our favorite accessories for men; scents and watches. A great scent isn’t just a confidence booster, it’s also a conversation starter; we love D & G but in case you’re not a fan we’ve got other recommendations here.

Nothing complements a man’s hand better than a time piece, it’s not just functional but it also oozes sophistication and taste. We are big fans of Swiss watches, they’ve superior craftsmanship and pay incredible attention to detail; Rolex and Omega are our favorites but we’ve also got these luxury sport watches. 

Dating Advice

As great as it feels to be the sharpest dressed guy in the room it feels even better with a woman on your arm. However, dating isn’t easy and you’ll often stumble your way through as you learn the do’s and don’ts of it; it’s a lot like a child learning to walk.

But before you can walk you need to learn to crawl and in this case it’s learning to start a conversation with a girl face to face. Once you’ve mastered that then you can take things to the next lever and learn how to make a girl want you over text; click the link below to learn more.