About Us

Hi there and Welcome to BroStyler.com

My name is Jack, and I’m the owner of this little web space (BroStyler.com), where I help men the world over by sharing actionable fashionable advice, tips, and tricks to become the modern man.

How I got here

After years of struggling with my self-image, I realized there are a few things—little things I could do to be a better, more confident man.

After consuming a ton of information on how to better myself, I realized that one of the easiest ways to boost my confidence was to work on my outward appearance.

3 Little Things to Improve to Boost Your Confidence

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I read magazine after magazine, blog post after blog post on how to improve my outward appearance I realized there were three common themes to improving my confidence and becoming a better man and not just a better man but an alpha male.

The first is my outward appearance, and the main focus of this blog, the second is your health—you’re what you eat, and the last is exercise or fitness. With these three things, I was able to improve my self-image, and I’m glad I’ve achieved my goals.

I’ve learned a lot in my journey,  and I decided to create this blog to show my fellow bros how to nail at least one of these three things, i.e. your appearance. Now, unlike other bloggers, we don’t rehash the same old nonsense but tried to find new, creative ways to help you improve your style.

Look Your Best With These 5 Easy Steps

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We’re not in the fashion business, but the confidence business and we’re here to help you look your best so you can feel your best and achieve your best. Everything I’ve learned can be summarized in a couple of steps:

  1. Personal hygiene and that means a proper male grooming routine designed to keep the nasty odors at bay and keeping you fresh all day.
  2. The next thing is taking care of your thick mane; we’re talking about beard care. You need to know the right beard wash, when to use beard balms or oil, the best aftershaves, and our favorite beard oil.
  3. Once you’re looking and smelling fresh, you need to pick the right attire for the day, be it an event, a business meeting, or a date which you’ll find yourself scoring easily if you stick with us. If you need some tips on dressing down, check out our business casuals and leather shoes to match.
  4. Now that you’re looking sharp, we recommend trying out these scents to lure the ladies—we’re fans of Dolce and Gabbana, and to spruce up your arm we recommend going for on these luxury sports watches; if you’re sport for choice we recommend Omega or Rolex; whichever tickles your fancy.
  5. By now you should’ve scored a date or gotten a few quickly if you’re looking to impress the Mrs. If you’re still nervous about having a face to face conversation with a girl or are looking to take things to the next level with text, then we’ve got you covered.