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You can tell a lot about a man by looking at his beard. Unfortunately, beards are also regarded as the dirtiest of places in the human body. So, while your beard may, from a safe distance, leave the ladies drooling, you might have crawlies and pieces of pizza and bread crumbs from last week hiding in there.

Put simply; yours might be the grubbiest of beard. However, we’d like to change things for you. Whether you have the perfect David Beckham, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, the Vikings’ perfect beard, or you’re on the struggling bench, this comprehensive review of the best beard washes is right for you.

Remember that great (healthy) beards are not born (at least not always). The finest beards are bred, groomed, and well-maintained. And even before you fish out your gifted trimmer or apply some beard oil or beard balm, you first need to wash your facial hair using the right products.

You must ensure that the products you choose are great for your skin too. And this is where your search for the best beard shampoo or beard wash comes in.

While most of us are into the habit of fishing out and using the first drugstore shampoo or conditioners forgotten in the drawers, out attempts to grow out the perfect beard are always foiled because these products are hardly ever the right products for your beard.

If you don’t believe us, Google the ingredients of that product and tell us if they are fit for the perfect beard. Clearly, you now see why your beard has been doing so badly. There is a reason why there are beard-specific products on the market.

We look at some of the good ingredients in beard washes, but now, let’s look at the importance of beard washes and why you cannot use your hair shampoo instead.

Why selectivity around beard washes and shampoos?

You see, while the regular drugstore shampoo for your hair is designed to perfectly clean, de-grease, and even soften your hair, on the head (if formulated with a conditioner), these products are not right for your facial hair.

Your face is a sensitive part of your body and you need the right products for this skin. At the same time, your beard requires extra attention and care, which is why you need a beard wash with extra oils.

Without extra oils, the hair follicles will be dry and fizzy, making your facial hair susceptible to the frustrating split ends and breakage.

Instead of working against the skin and stripping the follicles of the essential natural oils, beard washes will work with natural oils from your skin and the facial hair, leaving you with a healthy beard.

What’s more, the right beard wash will protect your face and facial hair from the environmental pollutants, dust, and dirt by washing away all the gunk collected on your beard throughout the day.

There’s also the fact that the right beard wash protects dyes, for you with a dyed beard. On top of all these, the best beard wash or shampoo will hydrate and nourish your skin, encouraging healthy beard growth, while preventing the buildup of dreaded dandruff.

At the end of the day, the best beard wash leaves you with healthier and shinier with little need for too much beard balm/ oil. But no one has time to go through the anticipated long cleaning steps every damn morning!

Do I really need a beard wash?

Well, while adding beard washing/ shampooing to your schedule/ morning routine feels like an extra task you don’t want to deal with, you will be happy to learn that beard washes are fast and very easy to use. The best part – you don’t need to use it daily.

In fact, it’s recommended that you use a beard wash every two or three days; daily use of the beard wash will dry out your beard and skin under the hairs, stripping away all the natural oils – to leave you with a thin and dry beard.

And if yours is a long beard, 2-4 wash passes are enough to clean out the gunk while one wash is enough for a short beard. Note, however, that a beard wash is not a replacement for the beard oil/ balm or butter.

These products only complement each other, meaning that you need them all for your beard care routine.

What to look for in a good beard wash


Natural ingredients are good, and chemicals are bad.

The natural ingredients in your beard wash will not only clean but also keep your beard healthy. Ingredients make the difference between a soft and manageable beard, and an irritated, itchy, dandruff-ridden beard.


The beard wash must offer good value for money. So, buying into brands isn’t always the best idea.


Opt for the thick beard washes/ shampoos


The beard wash must smell good, and you should also tolerate the scent. So, nothing too strong.

Reviews of the best beard washes

1. Viking Revolution Beard Wash

Top on our list of the best beard wash is Viking Revolution’s beard wash, which also comes with a beard conditioner. The Viking Revolution is at the forefront in ensuring that every man looking to grow the perfect beard has all the right products they need to make the beard goals dream come to life.

The Viking Revolution is passionate about beard care, and these guys will help you attain your perfect beard, regardless of the color, style, length, or even the shape of your facial hair. These guys have a promise for you: they promise to help you grow and care for that beard confidently,

What makes their beard wash and conditioner good?

The Viking quality – The Viking Revolution products are designed specifically for your facial hair. To this end, both the beard wash and the conditioner are made from all-natural and plant-based ingredients.

These ingredients will cleanse and moisture your beard, and the skin underneath.

Among other ingredients, the wash and conditioner are infused with jojoba and argan oils, which will nourish and soothe your skin and encourage healthy beard hair growth.

These oils also prevent flaking, itchiness, as well as dandruff. Argan and jojoba oil also soften and strengthen the beard. The other soothing ingredients include the peppermint and eucalyptus, which also give the beard wash/conditioner the nice soothing scent.

For all these benefits, you only need a small amount of the beard wash and the shampoo. It lathers up quite well.


  • The natural beard oils offer the deepest level of moisturization
  • It smells great
  • The oils are soothing, and the deep-cleansing action of the beard wash will prevent irritation and dandruff
  • The beard wash and conditioner soften and strengthen your facial hair
  • The natural beard oils encourage healthy beard growth
  • Money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction
  • Works well for different hair textures
  • Good value for money


  • The plastic bottle is very hard to squeeze

2. Billy Jealousy Beard Wash

Sometimes, buying a beard wash from an award-winning company is the best thing you could do. Billy Jealousy is one of the best grooming products companies around. Their products hardly disappoint, and they do what the bottle says they do.

In 2014, the Billy Jealousy beard wash the Esquire Grooming Awards. Besides making the company proud, it’s clear that investing in their beard wash is the best thing you could do today. The award shows how good and how high the product satisfaction rates are, meaning you can trust the product too.

The awards aside, Billy Jealousy is intent on taking care of your beard, and it is this commitment that is driving them to create high-quality products.

So, what’s in this beard wash?

This beard wash will end your beard embarrassments by deep cleaning your beard and getting rid of all and any gunk in your beard. If you’ve struggled enough with dandruff and beard flakes falling on your white shirts or suits, it’s time to get this wash.

This wash also works great on stubbles and thick beards, while also enhancing the health of your beard by nourishing the hair follicles, skin, and the beard. It’s enriched with soy proteins and aloe leaf, which hydrate and soften facial hair; green tea extracts which carry powerful antioxidant properties to soothe irritation, while preventing and reversing the signs of premature (or active) aging.

The green tea extracts also strengthen hair while stimulating blood circulation in the follicles. The beard wash is also infused with honey extracts, which will moisturize and protect your beard and the skin underneath.

To remove the buildup of gunk from sweat, dirt, and oils, this beard oil contains a cleansing sulfate ingredient that promises to get rid of all that gunk, without drying out your facial hair or the skin underneath. This sulfate ingredient will not matte down your facial hairs, either.


  • It will get rid of any and all flaky beard-ruff
  • The plant-based ingredients deeply condition the beard
  • Green tea extracts have antioxidants to reverse and prevent aging signs.
  • It makes your beard manageable
  • The natural ingredients will protect, soften, and hydrate your facial hair
  • Award-winning beard wash formulation
  • Cruelty-free formulation
  • It detangles facial hair too
  • It’s safe for use on sensitive skin
  • It relieves itching
  • No stripping of natural oils


  • It is not sulfate-free
  • It won’t work for every man
  • You might want to buy a moisturizing conditioner to prevent drying
  • It has artificial ingredients

3. Maple Hill Naturals Honest for Men Beard Wash

The best beard washes are not always bottled in cute plastic containers. Sometimes, the best beard washes/ shampoos come in beard washes come as beard wash bars. This bar by Maple Hill is a perfect example of what we are talking about.

This beard is a lavender, orange, and a patchouli-scented shampoo bar that is made with all-natural ingredients and zero chemicals.

Therefore, if you have been looking for an all-natural solution for your facial hair, this beard shampoo bar could be exactly what you have been looking for.

According to the company, if they couldn’t pronounce the ingredients in the beard wash, they wouldn’t use it. This goes to show how much faith the manufacturers have in their products.

So, what’s in this beard wash?

The natural ingredients in this beard wash include coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, water, olive oil, castor oil, avocado oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, hemp seed butter, as well as essential oils.

Some of the essential oils include patchouli essential oils, orange essential oil, and lavender essential oils.

It also has sodium hydroxide, which acts as a saponifying agent. The use of all these natural ingredients is essential because it stops and prevents most beard problems men are forced to deal with.

For example, the cause of itchy skin and an itchy beard is often the use of harsh chemicals which strip the facial hairs and skin off of natural protective oils, leaving you with vulnerable skin and hair fighting to look healthy.

The harsh chemicals also damage the hair follicles, stunting the growth of your beard. By creating a beard wash made of natural ingredients only, your skin and facial hairs are protected since the natural oils are not stripped but supplemented.

The natural ingredients further nourish your hair follicles, strengthen the hairs, and encourage the growth of a healthy beard.

In addition to the all-natural ingredients, this beard wash bar is easy to use as it lathers well. But, don’t rush it; allow the wash to sit in your beard for a few minutes – this allows the natural oils to work their magic, and make your scruff softer. The wash also smells good.


  • It smells great, and you get to choose from scents like mint tea, black forest, or one of the stealth blends.
  • The size of the soap is fairly big
  • It prevents breakouts and acne flares around the beard
  • It lathers well
  • The natural oils enhance facial hair growth
  • It lathers richly
  • It encourages the growth of a thick, soft, strong beard
  • All-natural ingredients
  • It’s affordable; under $10
  • Comes with a storage container
  • Made in the USA


  • The bar might leave your beard with a waxy, almost waterproof feel
  • Your beard might feel a little dried out after a wash
  • Using the bar is a little harder than liquid shampoo

4. Honest Amish Beard & Body Soap

This Honest Amish beard is an excellent alternative to the Maple Hill Naturals Honest beard wash. Both are affordable and cost less than $10, and they are also available as bars rather than liquids.

Honest Amish is, however, an even more popular brand of grooming products, and it’s known for handcrafted products using original recipes. As expected, their products are produced in small batches.

Their beard/ body soap is one of the best on the market, and it lives up to the Honest Amish promise of a mild and non-face drying beard and body cleanser.

To fulfill its promise, this soap is made of safe and nourishing healthy ingredients, including anise essential oils, cedarwood, cloves, lavender, and kaolin clay. Kaolin clay is regarded as one of the best clays for the skin. This cosmetic clay is very gentle, and it won’t strip your skin of the essential natural oils for it to cleanse your skin/ facial hair.

This natural product deep cleanses without drying out the skin or hair, and it lathers beautifully (easily). The only catch is that you need to keep this bar from running water; it’s soft, and it will turn into mush in contact with water.


  • It smells great
  • It’s long-lasting
  • It’s non-drying
  • Super affordable
  • Cleans beard and beard skin perfectly
  • You can use it for the body too
  • It softens hair
  • Kaolin clay deep cleanses without stripping the skin or oils of natural oils
  • It’s made of all-natural ingredients
  • It conditions the beard well-making combing easy


  • You have to keep it away from running water
  • You may or may not like the scent
  • Harder to use than liquid shampoo

5. Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard SHAMPOO

From down under in Australia comes one of the best beard shampoo/ washes ever. This shampoo is top rated thanks to its infusion with all-natural oils. This beard wash by the Tasmanian Devils works like magic, and the best part is that it has all the best natural ingredients needed by your beard for perfect, healthy growth.

Note that this beard shampoo is available as a bar, and not the traditional liquid shampoo design. Even so, this bar is quite easy to use. Its main ingredients include honey, beeswax, and leatherwood.

These ingredients gently, but thoroughly clean the beard, leaving you with a healthy-looking shiny beard.

It’s free of paraben, artificial coloring, and synthetic fragrances, which means that you don’t have to worry about skin irritation and flaking. Besides the beard, you can use this beard shampoo bar soap on your head and also as a body wash for the rest of your body. Its subtle and sweet scent is subtle and not overpowering.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • It’s versatile
  • Smells good – it has a masculine, woody scent
  • Conditions and softens the beard
  • It cleans well without stripping your facial hair or skin of natural oils
  • It’s made with natural oils which nourish, soften, and strengthen your facial hair
  • It will soothe your skin too
  • Sulfates-free
  • It lasts long


  • No travel case
  • It could be bigger


At the end of the day, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to take care of and maintain a healthy beard. The beard washes/ shampoos recommended above are some of the best. However, don’t forget to invest in a good beard balm or beard oil to enhance the health of that beard.

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