Best Leather Shoes for Men

‘If only men put an extra effort into what they wear, how they look and smell.’ If you’ve had time to chat with the beautiful women in your life, you might have heard one too many times the statement above.

Though most of us hardly put much thought into such sentiments and keep doing the bare minimum, we can attest to the fact that men who put in that extra effort often get the girl and the job. Yes, it pays to be the man who cares about how he looks and feels.

Besides wearing the right shirt to an event and smelling great, you also need to invest in the best shoes. And no, we are not talking about sneakers and casual fabric shoes. Today, we look at the best leather shoes. Why?

Leather shoes for men come in all manner of shapes, designs, and styles. Some leather shoes are perfect casual wear, and others will cut across formal working and social environments with ease.

Some leather shoes also work better with suits than skinny jeans, while others match summer shorts perfectly. It’s also worth mentioning that some leather shoes are more expensive than others, but at the end of the day, you need to focus on the quality of the shoes.

At the end of the day, nothing will elevate your looks and daily outfit like a pair of luxe leather shoes.

Whether you are dressed to the 9s for that hot date or cocktail dinner or enjoying a lazy Sunday brunch, you need a snazzy pair of leather shoes for a super dapper look.

So, how do you choose your best leather shoes?

Some of the considerations you must have in mind when looking for the right leather shoes include:

1. Style

There are different styles for you to focus on from brogues, loafers, and Oxfords to Chelsea boots. Most leather shoes for men also fall in the dress shoe category.

Therefore, the style you settle on should be the one that matches your outfits well. Can we also agree that every man needs a strong shoe game – a wardrobe with the best of dress shoes!

2. Cost

When shopping for shoes, have a budget in mind and stick to it. Dress shoes, for example, will be available in different price ranges from affordable to exorbitant.

And even though you have to spend a little more on good quality shoes, you don’t have to blow through your finances for a good pair.

3. Personality/ Personal style

Before you buy a pair of leather shoes, think about your style and expression of fashion, your style icons, and determine whether that shoe will help you pull off that style or not.

4. Quality

Your shoes tell a lot about who you are. You don’t want shoes that fall apart after a few days. So, if you are buying shoes, ensure that you invest in the best quality shoes.

If you find a good pair of shoes that costs more than you can afford now, give yourself more time to save to afford that shoe, instead of buying inexpensive and poor-quality shoes.

Our Favorite Picks

Best Leather Shoes for Men

Leather Oxfords

Of course, we have Oxfords on top of our list. And you shouldn’t be surprised because leather oxfords are easily the best shoes that must be in every man’s wardrobe.

Our great grandfathers and grandfathers wore leather oxfords with pride, not just because they are stylish, timeless classics, but also because the oxfords are wardrobe essentials.

These lace-up shoes match all occasions and you can never go wrong wearing leather oxfords, especially if you want to that dapper gentleman look.

The best part is that there is an oxford for every man, thanks to the cool modern tweaks to the classic oxford design. Put simply; you cannot complain about not liking or owning leather oxfords. Actually, you have no excuse for not owning oxfords if you want to up your shoe game. Examples of the best leather oxfords include:

1. Martens Men’s Archie Leather Oxfords

Dr. Martens made its debut in the classy shoe world back in the 90s where it boasted a grunge look.

This show was loved at the time, and Dr. Martens has been working on creating classy and beautiful shoes to make your feet happier. This shoe boasts a classic oxford design upper which will shine beautifully whether you wear it during the day or at night.

Its sole is made of a slip and abrasion-resistant material; this sole material is similar to what you’d find in Dr. Martens’ combat boots. In short, this is the most durable shoe you’ll ever invest in.

Its price is a little steep, but the quality of the shoe makes this a great investment for any man.

2. ASOS Oxford Faux Leather Shoes for Men

If you are looking for affordable leather oxfords, you may want to give these ASOS faux leather shoes a chance. These are among the cheapest oxfords on the market.

Despite the overall high cost of leather, you can still sport this cool pair of textured faux leather shoes without breaking the bank. The quality of these shoes is exceptional.

Its embossed detail makes this an excellent pair to wear to the office, but you won’t feel awkward to wear them to an evening out.

3. ALDO Oxford Shoe

This Also leather shoe is the other affordable oxford leather shoe you might want to put your money on. This lace-up shoe is one of the simplest, but elegant dress shoes that boasts a timeless appeal and versatility, which makes this shoe the perfect everyday wear.

The patent leather and cap toe design make this the perfect formal wear shoe.

4. Allen Edmonds Oxford Shoe

Allen Edmonds is a big name in the world of oxford shoes, and its leather design makes this the perfect leather oxford to invest in.

This shoe boasts a rich, burnished leather that’s been crafted with the finest materials to give you that elongated front and the tapered, flatter toe that give the shoe its perfectly streamlined fit.

Leather brogues

Did you know that brogues were at some point considered outdoor country shoes? Yes, the shoes that are now stylish AF were in the 16th century’s definition of cool shoes to wear across the fields or out to the old town.

You can wear your leather brogues to work with no issues because when you polish them, the leather brogues are the perfect 9-5 duds. The perforation holes on top of the shoe give brogues that extra touch of fashion, and you could wear these shoes, all day every day!

Examples of leather brogues include:

1. Florsheim Men’s Lexington Leather Brogues

It’s always 5 pm somewhere else in the world, which means that you can wear these wine-colored, high-quality wingtip brogues to work, then to happy hour, and everything else after or in between.

And if you are wide-footed, Florsheim has you covered too. The best part is that this pair is quite affordable for its quality and style, and a great investment at that.

2. Allen Edmonds Wingtip Shoes/ Brogues

Among many other reasons, these Allen Edmonds brogues are made in the USA. And though they cost more than other standard shoes, investing in these shoes is something you will not regret.

The best part about this pair is the 360 degrees construction from Goodyear welt.

This leather material is the best of the best, and it promises a very long lifespan for the shoes. Therefore, if you don’t mind spending a bit more on a good pair of shoes, get these Allen Edmonds. These brogues are so good; if it was up to us, we’d want every man to own a pair or three!

3. Ace Marks Brogues

In addition to the signature extensions or wings that make these brogues, along with the perforations, these Ace Marks brogues have been designed beautifully to match the needs of the classy, daring man.

Unlike other shoes on the market, this pair of Ace Marks is hand-crafted, hand-dyed, and hand-burnished. All these processes take place in Italy, the home of fashion.

The color block design of these shoes gives the pair a fun twist for your unique personality.

4. Church’s Burwood leather brogues

If you don’t mind spending some good money on classy black brogues, then these Church’s Burwood leather brogues could be a perfect option for you. This pair is classic and timeless.

Now, even if you don’t know much about brogue brands on the market, Church’s shoes represent one brand you should know about. Church’s Burwood is a British brand of shoes that was founded in 1873, and it’s known for its snazzy gentleman wear that’s worn by the who’s in society, including the British royalty.

The high regard held for these shoes comes from their high-quality construction, as well as the associated rich history. These shoes have water-repellant wingtips that boast a subtle and durable shine. You can rock this pair all year long, for years!

Leather Loafers

I don’t know about you, but no shoe offers an effortlessly cool vibe to any wardrobe than a leather loafer. If you are not into loafers, just know that you are missing out on a whole vibe!

Unlike dress shoes which tend to be formal, your leather loafers are perfect for all occasions, events, and just about every season. What this means is that you can slip on your t-shirt and jeans then finish off the look with a good pair of leather loafers.

And if you consider yourself fashion-forward, those cropped ankle trousers will look even cooler with loafers. You really can’t go wrong with a pair of leather loafer. No one can.

So, forget what we said about all the other shoes above because a pair of leather loafers is an absolute necessity for your wardrobe! Which leather loafers to buy ?

1. Allen Edmonds Leather Dress Loafers

Buying an Allen Edmonds pair of shoes is buying into quality. This brand doesn’t disappoint.

This pair of loafers is beautifully handcrafted in an intense 212-step process that involves the use of the finest materials. All these efforts leave you with a fine pair of loafers that you can wear to work, brunch, or a party!

2. Vince Camuto Loafer

Besides versatility, a pair of leather brogues is the most comfortable pair of shoes you’ll ever wear. This pair is freeing of the annoying laces, and they allow you to have fun by working as classy dress loafers.

Vince Camuto has also designed these loafers in various textures including velvet, embroidered, and studded versions; but the best part is that these loafers are perfect for formal settings just as they fit social events and even the casual workspaces.

The incorporation of the horsebit detail gives this pair its unique flair, while also creating a timeless appeal working with everything from suits to jeans.

3. H&M Leather Loafers (With Tassels)

If you are looking for a good pair of leather loafers that will not break the bank, this H&M pair with tassels could be your perfect fit. This pair of bad boys will turn your wardrobe around in seconds, and make you more of that spiffy look you’ve been dreaming about.

The best part has got to be the backside of the shoe as it folds into a mule design, meaning that you can wear this loafer in two different ways. Is that a great bargain or what?

Leather Sneakers

Of course, every man needs a pair of high-quality leather sneakers; you can’t be wearing the dress shoes, loafers, or the beat gym sneakers every day, for the rest of your life.

You need a good pair of leather sneakers, and the best part is that you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. How awesome? Thanks to the fashion-forwardness of footwear brands, sneaker styles have been taken a notch higher, and you can now wear the best of leather sneakers.

The best bit about these sneakers is that if you choose them correctly, you could even wear them with your slim fit suits, and still maintain that office-appropriate appearance.

1. Vince Griffin Leather Sneakers

If you are looking for sporty sneakers to wear to the office and out of the office, you won’t go wrong with this Vince Griffin pair. This pair has a bit of leather which goes a long way in adding class and sophistication to an otherwise ordinary rubber/ canvas pair of sneakers.

These sneakers sport a thick rubber sole, as well as some canvas details. While these two are materials you’d expect from your normal kicks, the leather accents add flair and pomp to these sneakers.

2. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Leather High-top Sneakers for Men

Converse is a big name in the world of canvas shoes and sneakers which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise for us to find these leather Converse Chuck Taylor All Star kicks.

Rocking these kicks will automatically elevate your shoe game, and you may also like the customization of the shoe’s upper. These leather high-tops are simply perfection and definition of perfection.

3. The Grand Voyage White Leather Sneakers

The Grand Voyage leather sneakers represent high-quality handcrafted Italian shoes, which also means that these sneakers are worth every penny.

Although these are not the cheapest leather sneaker on the market, you might want to know that these shoes are made using full-grain calf leather. They also have a comfy foam insole, and the coolest, hidden lace system.

The best way to rock sneakers is with the best casual outfits, here are our favorites.

Leather Chelsea Boots

Lenny Kravitz and Mick Jagger might have popularized the Chelsea boot, but the Victorian leather boot era has been around for quite some time. The Chelsea boot is a wardrobe staple for many men, and if you don’t have a pair or two, this might be a great time for you to invest in a good pair.

The best bit about Chelsea boots is that they are sleek, the ladies love them, and they will gas you up, and also, you could wear a Chelsea boot anywhere! Examples of the best Chelsea Boots

1. Florsheim Belfast Chelsea Boot

For an excellent pair of Chelsea boot that doesn’t break the bank or made of bad materials, Florsheim Belfast’s got you. This Chelsea boot is not only affordable, but it’s also made of the finest quality leather. It’s quite stylish, and from the first time you wear it, you will be left wondering why you didn’t make this investment sooner!

2. Cole Haan Dumont Grand Leather Chelsea Boot

This boot is not only durable and beautifully designed, but it’s also one of the truly waterproof leather Chelsea boots you will find.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your shoes getting soaked in the rain and your feet being damp by the time you get home in the evening. This also means that you don’t have to worry about buying rain boots when you have these boots.

In addition to the waterproof nubuck leather, this pair is also crazy comfortable, thanks to the Grand OS energy foam sole. If you are shopping for Chelsea boots, these boots by Cole Haan are, without a doubt, an excellent choice!

The Monk Strap Shoe

Last on our list of the best leather shoes for men are the monk-strap leather shoes. These are the perfect shoes for anyone looking for versatility in their wardrobe.

Thin no-lace pair is comfortably secured by a single(monk) strap although others have double straps and a buckle. Though generally informal, you could still wear your monk strap shoes to the office.

1. Wolf and Shepherd Monk Strap Shoe

This double-strapped monk strap leather shoe is one of the coolest and stylish monk strap leather shoes, that’s designed for comfort, all day long. This shoe is actually perfect for daily wear, and you could also wear it to social events like weddings, and no amount of dancing will be felt as pain on your feet.


These are just some of the best leather shoes for the dapper man. Remember that you have hundreds of other options to choose from, although these are great options for you to kick off your search with.

When buying leather shoes, keep in mind that shoes’ uppers are made of different types of leather – full-grain, smooth leather, and corrected-grain leather (CG). However, the definition of best quality leather shoes starts with the use of full-grain leather.

Besides material, consider the construction of the shoes (for example, Goodyear welting or Blake stitching) and the sole of the shoe (Dainite or leather).

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