Omega vs. Rolex

In the world of fine watches, Rolex has, for the longest time, been regarded as the gold standard for great watches. And it’s true. Rolex watches are magnificent Swiss watches, and investing in one could be the best thing you ever do. But as you know now, Rolex is not the only Swiss watch that … Read more

Best Leather Shoes for Men

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Why are Rolex watches so expensive?

Rolex, who doesn’t know the golden standard when it comes to watches in the world? Sure, other brands are up there and competing. However, Rolex is what the Baby Boomer and Gen Z known as the brand to purchase your way up to. That’s all thanks to the celebrities that have flaunted the watch on … Read more

Men’s business casual fashion

Business and casual don’t sound like they ought to be a word that describes a fashion trend that has revolutionized just what it means to be truly fashionable. It has many beginnings, but it started with men in the Silicon Valley in the 1980s who wanted to redefine what it meant to be dressed for … Read more

Are watches a good investment?

When people think about investments, their minds turn to stocks, bonds, and real estate. Not a lot of people look at watches as keenly as people who understand the value that watches have within them. You may have seen an old luxury watch being auctioned for prices worth someone’s annual wages and wondered, “How in … Read more